Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Love giving my daughters birthday parties

My oldest daughter is to big for birthday parties, she doesn't want a party this year. I know it's silly but I feel kind of sad, I have all ways done a party for her birthday one year she had 2 parties one in school and one at home. She truing 13 and  she's a big girl/teenager now.
                                                   This was her last party last year Tinkerbell.

It wasn't anything big only a few of her friends.

So now I only have Mya's parties to do and I think I may go a little crazy this year. Not sure if I will do tangled ( Rapunzel ) or ni how ki lan. Either way i have lots of ideas......and I don't know if that a good or bad thing lol.

                                                This was her 1st B-day party Abby Cadabby

2nd B-day party Mickey Mouse club house.
I was so upset because it was raining on and off that day and we had to move everything into the garage and oder pizza because we couldn't grill. But she still had fun and that's what counts at the end.

3rd B-day party The Princess and the Frog.
I keep getting better very year ;)
this was my favorite of Mya's parties so far.

I still have till September for her birthday but I'm exited and can't wait!!!

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