Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Custom orders

 I get a little nervous with custom order because I'm trying to make what others have in there mind and hope that I get it the way they pictured it or better. Don't get me wrong I love making them and so far everyone has loved what I have made for them. This is my last order keep in mind it's not finished yet.

They are so much fun to make especially when the person has a very specific idea in mind or it has a lot of meaning to the like this one above did. I also made her a matching key chain as a thank you gift.

This was a ring for a returning customer. I got all into it and made her a matching box as a gift. I want to keep my customers happy and coming back.

This one was a order for a pair of sisters. these are only some of the things I have made if you would like to see more look for 2Littlekisses on Facebook.

Custom orders can be a little challenging a times but I'm always up for it.


  1. I understand your nervousness about custom orders. Some people are difficult to understand. I recently had a customer contact me to commission a quilted garment bag in very specific fabric. When the piece arrived she sent me an email complaining because I had quilted the fabric myself. The fabric line she requested does not have pre-quilted fabric but I offered to refund her money anyway. Never heard back from her. I still don't know what exactly she expected....quilted is quilted!

    I do have a question about the poll you have on your site. I'm really curious about it how you did that. Want to share? If so, my blog is http://fleurdelisquilts.blogspot.com

  2. To Fleur de Lis Quilts do you mean the question i have about the color of Jewelry ? if its about that I want to know what colors people like because I like funky stuff but I know that's not everyone's cup of tea.

    That sucks about your custom order :( I hope you were able to sell it to some else.

    I send them pics. as I go along making the resin pieces so that way I can change things if I need to or I know that's what they want. I don't make it until I have the OK from them.

    Thank you for the comment and I will follow and check out your blog.