Monday, June 13, 2011

My "craft room"

So I'm out of the kitchen and in the basement. I'm so glad I have space to put all my junk. It's not super fancy but it's my space to be creative.

I like to stay organized.

my work area

some thing I had made a long time ago and other odds and ends.

the spot at sit at to work

I love being able to go in there turn  on my radio and not worry about running around all over the house to find my stuff and have to put it all away after I'm done.


  1. I agree, there's nothing like your own space for creativity and fun. I call any work I do in my studio "play" because to me that's what I'm really doing....playing and having fun.

  2. Nice little space you have- and very organized! Mine is only organized every few days when I tidy up :)